I've had my InEarz for a little over a year and still love them! I had been using stock IEM's for a few years but this is a whole new world. If you're considering custom IEM's I'd look no farther than InEarz. The staff was great work with and their product is fantastic!

Jeff Hinson - Wilmington, NC

I love my Earz, I have had them over a year. They have done great in all types of musically situations. The product is great, the turn around time was fast. I wouldn't use any other company. I had a pair from another company and they didn't last 6 months,

Drummer Number 8 - Danville Va

My 450’s and earplugs arrived today and I have to say, you and your team have COMPLETELY outdone yourselves!!! The watch gears, fit and finish on these monitors are truly stellar! …and the tonal fidelity is far beyond anything I’ve ever heard! It’s like I’m hearing my favorite music in a completely new way!

Thank you for all your help through the process and for the incredible monitors!

Peter Fruehling

I just received my custom quad driver iems. It was a newer design that I was able to preview when I visited their store and shop. The folks at Inearz are supportive and honest. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Derek A.

I had a very good experience with InEarz Audio. I was shipping from Japan and was not entirely sure if my ear impression was good enough, or what I needed to do exactly to fill my orders, but everybody starting from Kaysen responding to my e-mails were extremely helpful. The end result was a very well fitting custom IEM that I am very satisfied delivered within the quoted time frame. I would recommend their service to anybody that wants a custom IEM

J Dub

The craftsmanship of the hearing protectors is above all other manufacturers, so comfortable and effective that you almost forget they are in there. InEarz customer service is superb, totally committed to providing no-hassle customized in-ear monitors and hearing protectors.

Brian K

They have an amazing operation, the front office staff is so wonderful to work with. As a working drummer I was able to get exactly what i wanted with no hassles. The owner himself even fitted me for my in ear monitors. such an amazing company and group of people. I personally will not use any other in ear monitor company again. InEarz is the company to go to for personal interaction with the staff and they will take care of your in ear monitor needs. 5 stars for sure if not more!

Brian M.

Top notch quality, fit & finish! Customer service is quick and responsive. I had owned several other company’s in-ear monitor systems and had numerous failures on finish and mechanics. Inearz is a fantastic company all-around with ZERO issues. And way better customization options than most of the others. Well worth it!

Brian P.

Truly a great product and customer service is fabulous!!! If you have any questions be sure to ask for Kaysen. She is extremely professional. I would recommend to any audiophile interested in great sound.

H Santana

They’re here. My INEARZ Euphoria custom monitors look and sound awesome. Literally no bleed over from the outside. Extremely pleased with how these turned out. Kaysen was awesome to work with, and you just can’t beat what you get for the price. The only problem I had was my own impatience. I called almost every week.

I play multiple instruments every week and needed something to cover the wide range of frequencies as I may play 3 different things in one sitting.

1) Comfortable fit, cool colors (ninja turtles colors in honor my daughter Alexis’ and my favorite show)
2) Could barely hear potato chips I was eating
3) Couldn’t hear garage door/ AC/talking, snapping
4) No noticeable outdoor noises
5) I’ll have to mic my drums full time at home as they let no sound in at all.
6) 6 drivers, crystal clear, punch from bass, great stereo spread in panned noises

Jeremy C.

After a stage monitor left me with nerve damage in my left ear, I was skeptical to perform again. (Dr’s said I could go deaf in both ears) A friend showed me InEarz + ADEL technology which by absorbing the pressure that IEM’s seal in the ear, allows us listen at lower volumes without sacrificing tone. I was sold on the idea alone. Then I heard them. I proudly bought the “Nirvana” model and so did rest of my band, because they sound amazing and I noticed I had no ear fatigue. I love and stand by this product so much that I insisted on becoming a rep for the company so I could easily show my peers what they’re doing to their hearing and have the ability to offer some preventive action.

Greg S.

I’ve had my Nirvana w/ ADEL custom molded IEMs for about four months now and in that time I’ve done roughly 40 shows with them plus rehearsals.

The seal and fit is so comfortable I often forget I have them in. The combination of being able to decrease the over all volume of my mix and the ADEL system has greatly decreased fatigue on my ears.

I’d recommend these to my mother.

Marshall H.

I have a pair on InEarz that I use specifically for running. They don’t fall out like other pairs I have tried . The cord is light and doesn’t tangle interrupting mid-run! I am also still aware of any emergency vehicles or cars honking trying to get my attention! I would definitely recommend for runners

Kim G.

Last February I ordered a pair of IE350’s. Considering the amount of work that goes into these monitors I was pleasantly surprised when I received them one month after sending my ear prints in!

I have been using the IE350’s extensively for the year I have owned them, and I must say I am very impressed!

The sound quality is incredible, beautiful and immersive. They are supremely comfortable, it is no problem to wear them for 8 hours. They are also very durable! I treat them very carefully but they are well built and can handle an accidental knock.

Overall, I’d say I am extremely happy with my purchase and I will definitely be purchasing a new pair if and when I need too.

Cole E.

Extremely high quality IEM’s, crafted with precision. The P350 model provides a huge range of sound at a great price. These are perfect for playing live, and for listening. The company is great to work with and the overall experience I have had has been great. 100% recommend!

Austin T.

I have a pair of custom Triples which should fantastic and are extremely comfortable. The silicone molds you guys made me for shooting are excellent as well and I could not recommend any higher!

John R.

Awesome custom in ear monitors with a great price. The best sound I’ve ever heard in an in ear monitor. Custom tuned to perfection.

Mike B.

Just got my 250s and they sound GREAT! The fit and finish is top notch. Plus they have amazing customer service! If you are on the fence about InEarZ, don’t hesitate… you won’t regret it!

Michael F.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a set of custom INEARZ for over a year now. In that time they have never let me down. I’ve taken them into the studio for recording and on the road playing some of the biggest festivals in Europe. I’ve recently just finished recording 2 tracks in the legendary studio QUEEN recorded bohemian rhapsody in and once again my INEARZ were amazing.The way they balanced the highs, mids and lows in my phones is simply a work of art.

Can’t recommend INEARZ enough.

Steve Allen
Session Drummer

Stephen Allen - Wales UK