MIPRO Digital Wireless IEM System
MIPRO Digital Wireless IEM System

MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter

MI-909 is an industry first, professional quality digital wireless stereo IEM system. Featuring digitally encrypted technology with unparalleled digital audio performance and transmission reliability, the superior frequency response characteristics of the MI-909 from 20 Hz to 15 kHz clearly exceed those of analog systems. Combining DSP & digital diversity technologies, this upgraded MI-909 system has advanced features and functions that supersede its competitors.


MI-909R Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver

The MI-909R operates in a wide 64 MHz bandwidth and it has easy to use controls and indicators with a backlit LCD screen. Advanced dual-antenna diversity design eliminates signal dropouts and enhances signal stability. Featuring a lightweight, exceptionally durable magnesium alloy bodypack case, the MI-909R is ideal for professional installations and live applications. Proprietary digital encryption provides secure audio transmission, preventing unauthorized listening in conferences, meetings and language interpretation applications.



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myMix – Personal Monitor Mixer
myMix – Personal Monitor Mixer

The myMix personal monitor mixer is the main building block for any myMix system. It can be used stand alone, or connected to an Ethernet switch as a system with up to 250 devices. The user can select from all available audio channels in the network and create an individual stereo mix for headphones, in-ear monitors and (powered) speakers.

    • Impeccable audio quality with 24-bit, 48 kHz throughout the system
    • Create a stereo mix using up to 16 from 500* audio channels
    • Intuitive User Interface with meaningful channel names
    • Volume, Tone Control, Effect Send, Pan, solo and Mute per channel
    • 7 integrated stereo effects to create a 3-D sound image
    • Autosave of all chages applied to the mix, with 20 profiles available.
    • 2 local network inputs (mic/line level) with phantom power
    • Multi-track recording (16 +2) on SD cards (24-bit wav-files)
    • Auto saving in up to 20 profiles
    • 4-band fully parametric master EQ
    • Send Mix to Network to listen to other devices or create submixes
    • Outputs for balanced line levels and headphones
    • Ships with microphone stand adapter and power-supply
    • For use in recording studios the myMix Studio-Mod with a modified silent cooling system is available.


*A myMix system can feature up to 500 audio channels (250 pairs) maximum.


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