What is the typical build time?

Build time will vary due to the amount of orders in the queue lineup, the build time given to the customer can change at anytime due to incoming rush orders, repairs and refits entering the queue, it is only a rough estimate. We try our best to get orders out in a timely manner, but we HIGHLY suggest using the rush order option if you need your order faster than the build time quoted. To find out the most current build time please shoot us an email or give us call directly.

What are accepted methods of payment?

We accept PayPal, credit card, and cash

Is shipping included in the final price?

No shipping is a separate charge and cost will depend on the type of shipping you choose and location of the customer

Where can I get ear impressions?

A local audiologist can assist with getting ear impressions taken, visit our map of recommended audiologists HERE. Please make sure you take the audiologist instruction sheet with you when you make an appointment, which can be found HERE

Do you offer an ear impression service?

If you are local we do take impressions in house for free with the purchase of our in-ear monitors

Do you keep my ear impressions on file?

We scan all ear impressions sent in (effective February 2018) and keep them on file for up to 5 years.

What materials are used in creating your in-ear monitors?

We use medical grade acrylic resin for its hypoallergenic properties

What is ADEL™?

ADEL™ is the world's first and only patented technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound in professional In-Ear Monitors & Earbuds- all while avoiding the risk of hearing damage caused by earbuds

What type of sockets do you use?

We use T2 style socket standard on all in-ear monitors.


Legacy sockets were 2-pin

How long do you leave the canal portion of the in-ear monitors?

We leave the canals at the second bend or slightly past the second bend dependent on the customers canal shape, if you want anything different than this please let us know.

What are Recessed Sockets, Ambient Ports and Soft Canals?

Here are the different options explained:

  • Recessed sockets – These move the cable end further into the shell and provide a more sturdy mounting point for the cable and the pins of the cable thus protecting it more. Recessed sockets can trap moisture and dirt in some cases
  • Ambient ports – This allows a customer to not feel so isolated by allowing ambient/outside noise in with the in-ear monitors inserted. A ambient plug tree with different size plugs is included with this option. Note that if any plug other than the solid one is used bass response is greatly reduced. **May not be compatible with all models/customer ear shapes
  • Soft canals(discontinued) – This material is used on just the canal portion of the in-ear monitors, it softens with body heat. Used mostly by customers with sensitive canals, singers, and people that move there jaw a lot during activities. More maintenance is required with the soft canal option as the material is not as durable as hard acrylic. **May not be compatible with all models/customer ear shapes
How do you suggest cleaning my in-ear monitors?

We provide a cleaning tool with a brush and a pick on it to clean the wax build up on the end of the sound tubes. For cleaning the outside we suggest using antibacterial wipes.

Note that failure of the in-ear monitors due to lack of cleaning(wax build up, excess moisture, etc.) is not covered under warranty

Do you accept international orders?

Yes! We accept orders from all over the world

What file type is accepted for custom artwork?

For best results we prefer a high quality PNG file type, we can use JPEG, or GIF as well but may yield a lower quality image. Please send all artwork and graphics related questions to graphics@inearz.com. Artwork may be denied if these guidelines are not followed

Do you make universal in-ear monitors?

Yes we do have our universal "ZEN" lineup which can be found HERE

Can you add drivers to an existing set on in-ear monitors?

We do not add drivers to existing sets of in ear monitors nor do we combine multiple sets of in-ear monitors. We also do not tweak the sound signature of an existing set of in-ear monitors

I went to an audiologist, how do I know my ear impressions are good enough?

As long as you brought the audiologist instruction sheet with you to your appointment you should be fine, if you are still unsure you can send us pictures of your impressions to verify, this is highly recommended for international customers

Can I make a change to my order once its arrived at your office?

We will make changes only if they have not started production.

Can I get a refund if I do not like the product?

Yes we do offer an industry first 30-day money back guarantee.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Sorry we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can you modify or customize the ZEN universals?

No unfortunately we do not make a custom version of the Zen lineup nor will we reshell them into customs

What if I do not see a question answered here?

You are more than welcome to shoot us an email or call us directly, we are more than happy to assist you with all your needs. Contact info can be found HERE